You own LPR (ANPR) Hikvision camera and need fast access to detections?

Access Auto LPR and you will be amazed!


What is it and What is does?

Auto LPR (EGI App) is an application designed for mobile phone, that allows you to instantly see detections from your LPR Hikvision cameras. Data from LPR (License Plate Recognition) cameras will be accompanied by Live Video Stream, pictures with scene detection and pictures with detected license plate.

Auto LPR does what you expect, but even more! It brings to you mobile phone all detections, you can access detection history, you cand setup notifications for desired car numbers. Auto LPR makes it easy to access your data (compared with LPR web interface) and gives you instant access. You can trace the car plate if you have more than one camera.

Simple design with a lot of information!

How to use our service with Auto LPR?

If you have a working LPR camera, from Hikvision, follow these steps:

  1. Register your camera on our server(user, password & port are needed)
  2. Wait for email with link to EGI APP
  3. User the app to visualize data from your camera

Main advantages when using this Auto LPR

  • Instant access to camera detections
  • Car plates with scene picture & license plate picture
  • Setup notifications for desire detections (license plates)
  • Simultaneous access to all enrolled cameras
  • Push Notification, Email & SMS
  • Live video stream
  • Trace detections from multiple cameras
  • Detection history with advance search
  • Traffic statistics


Auto LPR app was designed to monitor traffic and to have fast access to detections. If you have car fleet or if you need to monitor auto traffic events, we can help. In addition, you can use LPR (ANPR) to automate access from gates & barriers.

Data from LPR cameras are processed by our servers and sent back to you mobile phone (or computer) directly in web app. Access will be granted with user & password.

Sneak Peek

Aplicatie Live LPR
Aplicatie Live LPR
Aplicatie Live LPR